2019/03/06 08:00:00

As Cognitive Computing reaches new levels of sophistication, the insurance industry may just be uniquely positioned to capture data, learn from it, and then put things back in context to help insurance companies take better actions. We are witnessing a shift from simple robotic process automation and textual analysis to more advanced applications, including voice and image/video analytics. Insurance companies can now analyse gigabytes of data and recognise risks that were previously ignored due to a lack of analytics tools and platforms.

From speeding up Onboarding processing, to straight through claims and real-time risk assessment, there are profound examples of insurers already exploring ways for AI to unlock huge amounts of monies in value.

At Cognitive Computing in Insurance Conference 2019, you’ll learn how to translate technology into an enhanced customer experience, and how to move beyond basic data analytics into intelligent interaction enabling enterprise-wide automation. This means delegates will have a perfect opportunity to interact with all the other insurance industry professionals from far and wide, they will walk away with a clear understanding and know-how to design and implement those changes.

MNT Events invites all insurance executives and innovation enthusiasts from across the insurance spectrum to attend this high powered event and witness the industry experts to discuss new technology advancements.



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