2020/03/18 08:00:00

Invisible Banking Conference 2020

Financial institutions are working hard to give their digital offerings an overhaul, with new offers, interest rates, products, and services. Fintech disruptors have shown that a simpler experience can entice customers away from traditional banks. Companies such as Apple, Uber, and Amazon are at the forefront of this new innovation. No payment needed as it’s all wrapped up in the app for an easy experience; everything is packaged in the background and invisible to the customer.

The introduction of fintech challengers has not only disrupted the traditional banking model, putting pressure on banks and financial institutions to digitally transform themselves but it has also significantly shifted the focus of consumers’ expectations.

Mobile technology has changed the rules of engagement forever, and the customer experience stakes continue to rise. Today, customers are faster paced and so are their banking needs, Transactions – big or small, need to be quick and intelligent. An invisible banking model would not only make banking easier, but it could also automate products and services in the name of customer care

Innovation in invisible banking relies on finding the right ecosystem of partners and building seamless banking solutions to meet the desires and needs of the consumer – and this is where the age of invisible banking is truly making a difference in the banking ecosystem.

By attending this conference delegates will not only equip themselves with ways of making banking a seamless part of life but will also learn ways on how to give customers’ high visibility and control over their financial data in the palm of their hand.

  • Catching the third wave in invisible payments
  • Invisible Banking-bringing the digital solution into the physical world
  • Securing Payments & Earning Trust for Mobile Transactions
  • Latest trends that are shaping the future of invisible banking
  • Impact of AI and Machine Learning in Payments
  • Panel Discussion: Adoption of Invisible Banking

Hear – from experts that represent the industry’s top companies

Discuss – the latest innovations in transforming physical Banking to digital banking

Network – with a wide range of representatives from across the payment industry and build your network

Become – a source of knowledge in your organization

Share experience – with the speakers, vendors, and practitioners to solve your own challenges, problems, and needs.

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  • Trends influencing the adoption of invisible payments in South Africa.
  • The State of real-time retail payments in South Africa
  • The Requisite to build an API platform that will seamlessly combine multiple digital services
  • Creating a digital-first strategy for the modern customer
  • Integrating Offline and Online Platforms for a Seamless Banking Experience
  • Offering tailored solutions through big data and analytics
  • OMNICHANNEL BANKING – A prerequisite for a seamless customer journey
  • Social Banking: Banking In the Palm of your Hands
  • Case Study: Impact of Visual Cards in Mobile Payment
  • The Future of IoT and Machine to Machine Payments
  • The progress of Voice Payment Technology in Banking
  • The State of Facial Recognition in Banking
  • Shaping the Future of Payments Experience with AI
  • The Impact of applying Machine Learning and AI in Enterprise Fraud Detection
  • Invisible mobile banking channel security
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