2019/08/07 08:00:24

Customer expectations are rising and management is demanding results. The technology to satisfy both is evolving faster than most organisations can implement. The unprecedented digital revolution has upended many things and financial institutions’ marketing managers are among those feeling the pinch.

The MarkTech & Innovation Conference is aimed at assisting these marketing managers to understand the depth of marketing technologies such as AI, ML and Chatbots, and how organisations can effectively integrate them into their marketing strategy and operations for better ROI.

Leading industry experts and thought leaders stemming from the developers and financial sector will present pertinent case studies and discussions, and help marketers connect the dots between technical possibilities and strategic opportunities in the reshaping of modern marketing.

Gone are the days of isolated teams and traditional competition. Like it or not, massive change has come for modern financial marketers and they must be able to quickly adapt and find solutions to stay relevant in a time of technological advance.

While analytics, time, collaboration, competition and speed already challenge modern marketers, it is imperative to find solutions that will assist them to work through these clogs. Technical, collaborative and efficiency skills need to be honed and mastered to meet the needs of customers and leads. Only once the challenges that impact an organisation begin to be solved will an organistion be able to find solutions to help them market with confidence.

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