2019/03/14 08:00:00

With Digital Payments in a state of global change, now is the time to innovate and evolve or be pushed out of your own playing ground

Heightened customer expectations for value-add-services, increased competition due to the emergence of FinTechs, new payments-enabling technologies and an ever-changing regulatory landscape have led to the development of an open and collaborative payments ecosystem. This new ecosystem is expected spur collaboration among stakeholders which may force all players to reassess their roles.

The advent of digital platforms has brought along a host of opportunities and challenges never seen before in the payments arena. This has affected all spheres of payments, from cards, mobile wallets and online payments in terms of transaction security and cost-effectiveness. Companies are bound to adopt new strategies to curb all sorts of financial crimes and comply with new regulatory regimes brought about to monitor the use of these new platforms. As the entire financial services sector is growing and fast moving away from traditional payments systems, companies are obliged to step up to the new ways of doing things.

The New Generation Digital Payments Conference 2018 comes on the heels of hosting the successful Open banking Conference, AI in Finance Conference and the Robotics Process Automation Conference. It will focus on the latest payments technological innovations that are mainly impacted by key payments themes such as: Collaborative Payments ecosystem, next Generation Payments, Cyber Security and Payments Player rationalization, the focus will be on how the industry can capitalise on these new developments and opportunities.

Attending the Next-Generation Digital Payments Conference will offer a unique platform in Africa to network with leading industry practitioners in the payments space; insights and key themes will be addressed that will illuminate on how these latest innovations, technologies and shifts globally are going to rapidly transform the local payment environment.

Delegates will come out of this 2 days conference not only with new valuable insights, but with fresh ideas of how to boldly stare into future of payments against the background of a fast changing environment. They will learn ways and strategies of staying as competitive and delivering better services, through the use of modern technology and all variants of payments platforms.